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Hillary Clinton

One Shocking Bombshell Just Blew Up Hillary Clinton’s Career

Hillary Clinton remains knee-deep in scandals. But now, things just went from bad to worse…

Liz Cheney

This Top RINO Could Lose Re-election Thanks To One Shocking Upset

Liz Cheney is the most liberal Republican in Congress today. But she may not be…

One Republican Leader Just Showed How to Fight Back Against Woke Indoctrination

Public schools are training children to be progressive activists. And with the school year starting…

Joe Biden

The Biden Administration Just Threatened Americans to Wear Masks Forever

Joe Biden isn’t giving up on his effort to remake America. First, he came out…

MTA Ep 60: The Left Celebrates As Businesses Die

Watch the latest episode of The Why Minutes here:

15: The Breakdown – Privilege

In episode fifteen of Making the Argument, and the second edition of “The Breakdown,” Nick…

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Asked a Top Biden Advisor One Question and All Hell Broke Loose

Joe Biden’s presidency is collapsing. And after a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, things are going…

The Left Trashes America on Her Birthday

It’s official: Democrats hate the United States of America. For many conservatives, this fact has been obvious for many years. But this 4th of July, one Democrat member of Congress went public with one racist attack on America. The far-Left’s…

The Democrats’ Deadly Agenda Was Just Stopped in its Tracks

Millions of lives were just saved. And the Democrat agenda came to a screeching halt. In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows how the abortion industry has nowhere to go but downhill from here. For decades, Roe…

26: Healthcare: Equality, Affordability, and Accessibility

Submit your questions for next week’s episode here:

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Is About To Suffer His Greatest Defeat Yet

2021 has not been kind to Joe Biden. After one political setback after another, Biden is on track to have one of the worst presidencies in history. And now, Democrats are panicking as Biden is about to suffer his greatest…

Fauci Plots to Make America a COVID Dictatorship Like Australia

Anthony Fauci’s twisted dreams have come true. A country that used to be free has morphed into a COVID dictatorship. And now, these comments reveal Fauci’s plans to bring Australia’s COVID tyranny to America. Australia has descended into lockdown hell.…

MTA Ep 128: 4 Bills I’m Introducing This Session

The 2022 session of the Virginia General Assembly starts this month. Here are 4 major conservative bills I’m carrying this year.

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