MTA Ep 70: Two Combat Vets Bash the Latest Army Commercial

What happens when two combat veterans analyze the latest woke commercial from the army and the CIA?

MTA Ep 69: The Wealth Tax: Destroyer of Prosperity

There are a lot of really dumb yet popular economic tax policies. The wealth tax is one of them.

MTA Ep 68: Who Is Rob Montz, and Why Does It Matter to You?

Today, we sat down with Rob Montz, who has produced mini-documentaries on everything from North Korean propaganda to Kanye West’s real reason for running for President. Show Notes: Good Kid Productions on YouTube: From Incel to Icon: Ulysses Grant’s…

MTA Ep 67: Students Grill Nick on the Questions They Face Everyday

We had an excellent opportunity to talk to a room full of students about the issues they care about and how to argue for what they believe effectively.

MTA Ep 65: Free Trade, Fair Trade and the Price of Lumber

Is free trade really better for American workers? Is protectionism patriotic? And why is Lumber so expensive?? We will discuss all of these questions in this episode.

MTA Ep 64: Stories of the Fallen

I would like to share with you some observations I have made leading up to this Memorial Day, who this day is for, and I am going to share some of the stories of people I knew that lost their…

MTA Ep 63: Answering Your Questions Part II

Election Integrity, Pineapple on Pizza, and why are we so bad at “selling freedom”…these questions and more answered on this episode of Making the Argument.

MTA Ep 62: January 6th Investigation, and Other Questions From the Left, Right, and Center

In this episode, we cover the January 6th investigation, teacher pay, critical race theory, and your questions.

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