MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 14: Monkeypox, Pfizer and the WHO

The Biden administration is now warning the public about Moneypox, and the WHO begs for more money from US taxpayers. Meanwhile, Pfizer proclaims, “imagine the compliance!” at the latest meeting of the World Economic Forum.

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 13: Taking On The GOP Establishment With Joe Kent

What good is it to vote Democrats out of office if we replace them with bad Republicans? On this special episode of Making the Argument, Nick sits down with former Green Beret Joe Kent who is challenging a GOP incumbent…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 12: Is The Everything Bubble Real?

Are we heading toward an economic crash? If so, who is responsible for it, and what do we do about it?

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 11: What The Decline of Christianity Means for American Politics

Many political observers think the decline of Christianity will result in a decline in religion. Here’s why they’re wrong, why Americans are increasingly turning to politics as a new form of religion, and what the decline of Christianity means for…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 10: Unmasking the False Compassion of the Left’s Argument on Pro-Abortion

Last week’s Supreme Court leak sparked a firestorm on the Left. So what can we expect if Roe v Wade is overturned? And how should conservatives respond to the Left’s arguments in support of abortion?

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 9: Why Real School Choice Could Change Education Forever

As Nick and Tina wrap up their 23rd-anniversary vacation, Team Freitas comes to you with a special episode on School Choice, with Nick joining Americans for Prosperity to discuss dollars following students and why School Choice could be the answer…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 8: What the Left Will Claim When They Loose in November

The 2022 midterms are shaping up to be a disaster for Democrats. But they’re already working up an excuse for why they will lose: gerrymandering. Here’s what you need to know to counter this claim.

MTA Ep 2: Why Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Frightens The Left

What has been the Left’s reaction to Elon Musk buying Twitter? What does it mean for Freedom of Speech? And should conservatives trust Musk?

MTA Ep 6: Transgenderism: The Right AND Wrong Way To Talk About It

Is there a “right way” to talk about Transgenderism? Here’s what can conservatives do to win this growing debate.

MTA Ep 5: Why Do Students Embrace Progressivism?

More and more parents are watching their children not only challenge the political or religious beliefs they grew up with but actually challenge the very existence of objective morality, absolute truth and even concepts like linear reasoning and the laws…

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