Biden’s Secret Plan Was Exposed

Joe Biden’s border crisis is no accident.

It’s part of his plan to solidify Democrat control for generations.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas reveals why Biden wants a border crisis.

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After Title 42 was lifted, ending the COVID-era program to restrict illegal immigration, the border flew wide open and illegal immigrants have been pouring in.

America simply does not have the resources to handle this many people, especially since most of them are from impoverished countries and need public assistance just to survive.

There has been immigration in this country for centuries, but this is simply too much, and it’s happening illegally. And yet in spite of all this, Joe Biden seems to be doing nothing to stop it.

Why would Joe Biden refuse to solve the most catastrophic problem America is facing right now?

The reason is simple: He believes these people coming into the country from Central America will be Democrat voters for life once they obtain citizenship, and their kids who are born in this country and get automatic citizenship will vote Democrat too.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows how this is just one big power play by Joe Biden.

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