Biden’s Secret Plan Was Exposed

The Anti-Family Left Is Petrified of What This Army Vet Said About Marriage

Despite the Left’s best efforts, most Americans still believe in marriage. And even as the…

The Left’s Agenda Against Kids Has Finally Been Exposed

Children are being targeted by the radical Left. The transgender agenda is being pushed on…


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Biden’s Gun-Grabbing Allies Instantly Regretted This Attack Against Thomas Massie

The anti-gun Left launched a brutal attack on Thomas Massie’s family. They hate him because…

Former CNN Host Brian Stelter Got A Gut Punch After Promoting His New Book

CNN has been trapped in the ratings cellar.  The network offloaded Brian Stelter and others,…

Beto O'Rourke

This Top Biden Ally Just Made The Worst Mistake Of His Life

Beto O’Rourke just announced he’s running for Governor of Texas in 2022. There’s just one…

Joe Biden

Biden Is Reeling After A Shock Poll Shows the Left Losing The Education Debate

Joe Biden’s war on education has now entered its second year. After he and his…

42: Is the Left following science, or is science following the Left?

The Left has a habit of manipulating “science” to expand their power and shrink your…

Dave Chappelle

You Won’t Believe How the Liberal Media is Ruining This Man for Speaking His Mind

One man dared to speak his mind in front of a national audience. And the…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 14: Monkeypox, Pfizer and the WHO

The Biden administration is now warning the public about Moneypox, and the WHO begs for more money from US taxpayers. Meanwhile, Pfizer proclaims, “imagine the compliance!” at the latest meeting of the World Economic Forum.

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