MTA Ep 77: Critical Race Theory IS In Your Kid’s School FT. Sue Zoldak

Today we discuss with Sue Zoldak how CRT is being used to foster an environment of exclusion and shame in our schools. Learn more about Sue and her organization at

MTA Ep 76: Not so Rosey in the Socialist Utopia of Cuba

Bernie Sanders and the Squad silent on pro-freedom protests in the socialist utopia of Cuba. The NYT and the Biden administration rush to put their spin on the protests in Cuba.

MTA Ep 75: Teachers Unions vs. Parents: Who is bullying who?

Today, we discuss the state of Public Education and give you 5 points for having a productive discussion on education.

MTA Ep 74: Left Trashes America on Her Birthday

For many on the left, July 4th was just another day to tell us all how horrible America is.

MTA Ep 73: What has the Professor done to my kid!?

Your student’s professor maybe half the problem. But are you the other half? Today we discuss three principles for equipping your kids to face the world.

MTA Ep 72: A Lot of “Social Justice” at the Justice High School Commencement

When you are suggesting to our kids that individualism and capitalism are on par with racism, white supremacy, and greed…we have a problem.

MTA Ep 71: Military Wokeness?

Viral General Milly’s testimony takes aim at Republicans but hits straw man instead.

MTA Ep 70: Two Combat Vets Bash the Latest Army Commercial

What happens when two combat veterans analyze the latest woke commercial from the army and the CIA?

MTA Ep 69: The Wealth Tax: Destroyer of Prosperity

There are a lot of really dumb yet popular economic tax policies. The wealth tax is one of them.

MTA Ep 68: Who Is Rob Montz, and Why Does It Matter to You?

Today, we sat down with Rob Montz, who has produced mini-documentaries on everything from North Korean propaganda to Kanye West’s real reason for running for President. Show Notes: Good Kid Productions on YouTube: From Incel to Icon: Ulysses Grant’s…

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