MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 72: How To Christmas Shop In Alignment With Conservative Values

Christmas shopping presents the perfect opportunity to think about voting with our dollars. In today’s episode, the MTA team discusses what choosing companies that promote freedom looks like and offers some tips for making it simple.

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 71: Deceptively-Titled “Respect For Marriage” Act Disrespects Marriage And Religious Beliefs

Democrats have been pushing a new bill called the “respect for marriage” act that will counteract the defense of marriage act that established that marriage as an institution was one man, one woman. In doing so, it appears to intentionally…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 70: Elon Musk Exposes Twitter, Media And The Federal Government Response Exposes THEM

Elon Musk recently teamed up with independent, left-leaning journalist Matt Taibbi to expose Twitter’s censorious response to the New York Post’s scandalous Hunter Biden laptop story, and the response highlighted issues in the mainstream media and the overreaching federal government.…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 69: Lessons everyone can learn from the FTX explosion

FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried have been all over the news lately, but to the uninitiated in cryptocurrency, it can be hard to puzzle out what the real-world implications are. How does this affect the way money is handled? Are there…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 68: Leftists target kids with drag queen story hour, [but] it’s part of a bigger plan

The left has been pushing “drag queen story hours” for some time, and conservatives have responded as expected – but there’s a much more sinister underlying philosophy behind drag queen story hour that is directly linked to the destruction of…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 67: One of the original American colonies barely survived, we are still grateful

The Making The Argument team discusses one of the first American colonies and some of the surprising conservative philosophies that helped them weather extreme hardships. Join us on Volley:

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 66: Tough Thanksgiving discussions handled, Making The Argument style

We love our families, but thanks to the midterms, lately politics seem to have crept into every part of life – including holiday conversations. These discussions can be unavoidable and can quickly spiral into arguments, so it’s important to be…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 65: Woke Daughter Trashes Dad At His Funeral, Plus A New Co-Host!

The nuclear family is under attack, as evidenced by a woke daughter slamming her dead dad for being a ‘cis white male.’ The holidays are a great opportunity to practice patiently communicating with family to push back on the leftist…

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 64: What worked – and didn’t – for the GOP in 2022 midterms

How Did Democrats Do It? In today’s episode, we cover messaging and how conservatives should talk about certain topics going forward. Join us on Volley:

MTA: Making the Argument with Nick Freitas 63: The quiet red wave: Why Tuesday’s election isn’t all bad news for the GOP

The Republican party appeared to underperform in the 2022 midterms, but there’s more to the story, especially in two very-different states.

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