MTA Ep 87: Not So Quiet on the Afghan Front

Afghanistan is a mess. We owe it to everyone who served to learn from what happened.

MTA Ep 85: Responding to My Democrat Colleague on the Mask Controversy

In this episode, I respond to a Democrat colleague that wants to understand why there is a controversy around masking. If you really want to know… here it is.

MTA Ep 84: Democrats Use Police and National Guard as Political Props

Democrats push CRT and mask mandates in an attempt to intimidate local school boards.

MTA Ep 83: Inflation, CRT and Mask Hypocrisy

Today, we discuss the government ramping up inflation, CRT in our schools, and the Mask Hypocrisy of the left.

MTA Ep 82: The Left Protests Climate Change by Not Having Kids

Comments from readers of the NYT honor their children for not having children….because of climate change.

MTA Ep 81: Mask Mandates, Punishing Conservative Teachers and Simone Biles

Does the science justify a return to mask mandates, are conservatives teachers under fire, and is Simone Biles, a quitter? We cover all of this today!

MTA Ep 80: Democracy Is Not the Same as Freedom or Justice

Democratic processes may be very important for some things, but to equate democracy to freedom or justice is to misrepresent what democracy really is.

MTA Ep 79: A Child Rapist Is Up for Parole

Today, we discuss the implications of laws and regulations governing Parole and why we need to do more to ensure victims receive justice.

MTA Ep 78: Cuba Exposes Socialist Predilection for Violence…Again

Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Nikole Hannah-Jones’ responses provide useful insight into how far they might be willing to go to carry out their agenda.

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