You’ll Never Believe the Excuses Leftist Activists Gave for This Horrific Violence

Violence should never be something to celebrate.

But Biden’s supporters in the LGBT activist community apparently didn’t get that memo.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas exposes the most shocking reactions to the shooting in Nashville.

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Seemingly every time there is a school shooting, left-wing activists demand that society stop on a dime and immediately start talking about gun control.

Normally that is the case. However, for some LGBT activists, this time was different. In fact, some of them on Twitter even seemed downright excited about what happened.

The press secretary of the Democrat governor of Arizona excitedly tweeted out a meme about shooting “transphobes.” Another left-wing activist tweeted her admiration for the shooter for “going down swinging.” Activists are now following up the shooting with a “Trans Day of Vengeance.”

Keep in mind that the people who were shot weren’t “transphobes” – they were elementary school kids.

But because the shooter was transgender and the school was a Christian school, the Left seemed a lot less sympathetic for the children who were shot.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas dives into the cesspool of left-wing politics to find the worst reactions to the Nashville shooting.

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