What Fauci’s Fall Tells Us About Government-Directed “Science”

Anthony Fauci is perhaps the greatest fraud in Washington, D.C. today.

After 15 months of fear-mongering and political-driven “trust the science” claims, it’s clear that much of what Fauci has said clashes squarely with reality itself.

Fauci’s routine acts of political theater — such as wearing two masks even after he had been vaccinated – had already led to several prominent Republican elected officials to demand that he be fired, including Senator Rand Paul.

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But in the wake of tens of thousands of emails from Fauci being released to the public, the calls for Fauci’s firing have only skyrocketed from conservatives across the board.

The collapse of public support for Anthony Fauci was due to the fact that his true allegiances were slowly but surely revealed over the course of the pandemic.

Rather than serving as an objective expert in the field who would provide advice on how to handle the crisis, Fauci rapidly became a political hack instead.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas exposes how Fauci’s desire to place politics over science led to calls for his firing, and what Fauci’s actions tell us about government-directed “science” in the first place.

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