What Conservatives Must Learn From The 2022 Midterms

The Democrats have the wrong agenda for the American people.

And after they held off the red wave, they are ready to impose that agenda on all of us.

But in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows how the GOP can make changes to ensure that never happens again.

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To say that the midterm election results were disappointing for conservatives is an understatement.

Democrats ran on abortion and Trump, and it paid off for them. They held on to the Senate and nearly managed to hold onto the House – a feat many thought was impossible for them.

The question going forward is this: what do Republicans do to make sure a result like this never happens again?

It’s going to require big changes. The GOP cannot continue to be an echo chamber that is out of touch with the views of Americans who aren’t right-wing.

Republicans and conservatives need a message that resonates with all Americans, not just people who share our views. That will be the challenge going forward.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows how Republicans can win swing voters and defeat Democrats going forward, and prevent a repeat of the 2022 election.

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