This Woman is Saving Children from the Left

Children are under serious threat from the Left.

The radical Marxists in America’s education system are turning children into communists.

But Nick Freitas discovered a brave woman who is standing up to them and saving children from the radicals.

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Critical Race Theory has taken over America’s public school system, and it’s teaching the next generation of young people to hate America, hate their parents, and hate themselves.

If something isn’t done about it quickly, American society is in grave danger.

But there are some brave people fighting back, and Sue Zoldak is one of them.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas interviews Sue and finds out the steps she is taking to defeat the Marxists who run America’s public schools.

Sue explains what ordinary Americans can do to stand up to this insanity and restore a real education system that teaches children to love their country and critically think.

The Left may be furious at her for the efforts that she is making, but Sue Zoldak is leading the way for conservatives across America to confront the radical Left.

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