This Upcoming Political Fight Could Lead to the End of the U.S. Constitution

After almost 250 years, the Constitution could be nearing its end.

This looming political battle may signal the demise of our country’s founding document.

But in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows how the Constitution can be saved, if people come to their senses.

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The aftermath of the 2020 election led to a tremendous amount of controversy.

And now, the 2024 election may lead to even more chaos and crisis.

Trump is considering running for President again. If he does, he will stand a decent chance of winning, with Biden’s approval rating sinking lower and lower every day.

However, if Trump does not win, he will surely say that he was cheated.

What is the truth? And where does this all lead? Nick Freitas dives into that question in this episode of Making the Argument.

America cannot afford an election system that is rife with voter fraud. And likewise, America cannot survive if politicians use alleged voter fraud as a pretext to cancel elections and declare themselves the winner.

Both are tremendous pitfalls for the American system of government that has survived for over two centuries.

America must make its system of elections stronger and better, otherwise the Constitution will surely collapse.

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