This Major Political Shift Will Doom the Democratic Party

Things are changing fast in America.

The Left thought they were on the upswing and would dominate American politics for years.

But as Nick Freitas shows in this episode of Making the Argument, they’re in much more trouble than they thought.

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For years, the Republican Party was the “country club” party in American politics, and the Democratic Party was the party of lower-middle class union workers.

But things are rapidly changing in American politics, and we are now seeing one of the biggest political shifts in a generation.

The wealthy elites have migrated heavily over to the Democratic Party, and adopted the “woke” social ideology that has become the core of the Democrat platform.

Meanwhile, working-class Americans of all races have drifted in the direction of the Republican Party because of their alienation with radical “woke” ideas and policies.

This is a major shift that will change the landscape of American politics for years to come.

In particular, the shift of Hispanic voters to the GOP means the Democrats will have to give up on their dream of using their votes to build a “permanent Democrat majority.”

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows how American politics is shifting rapidly.

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