This Left-Wing Scheme is Putting the Entire World in Danger

The Left is endangering all of humanity.
Their “environmentalist” schemes are now putting the planet in danger.
And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas exposes them for the world to see.

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The Left claims that they are the real humanitarians – that their environmental projects are going to make all of humanity better off and save millions of lives.
It’s all a lie.
As Nick Freitas dives into in this podcast, the Left’s environmental projects are actually having the opposite effect.
They are destroying the very environment that they are allegedly supposed to protect.
In addition, the Left’s environmental schemes give enormous power to global centralized pseudo-governmental institutions, like the United Nations.
They take power away from individual sovereign nations, like the United States, and away from people and their local communities.
The Left says that they are pulling humanity away from the brink of crisis by fighting “climate change,” but in fact they are creating a huge crisis of their own.
Americans need to wake up and say no to Left-wing environmentalist projects that destroy the planet and give powerful people more control.
This podcast episode by Nick Freitas will expose their recklessness for the world to see.

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