This Lawmaker Just Infuriated the Radical Left

The Left is finally starting to see that they are losing.

They thought that “history” was on their side.

But now this lawmaker is unraveling the Left’s power, one bill at a time. And they are FURIOUS.

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Nick Freitas is a former Green Beret, turned Congressional candidate and state legislator from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia, of course, just elected a Republican governor and a Republican House of Delegates. Things are about to change quickly in that state.

But Freitas is not content with just having Republicans in charge. He wants to pass actual conservative policy.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Freitas walks through the different bills he is intending to introduce in this upcoming session.

Many Republicans don’t want to rock the boat. They’re happy that their side won, and now they just want to sit back and keep everyone happy for the next 2 years so they can hang on to their seats.

But that completely defeats the purpose of electing Republicans.

The point isn’t just to have “Team Red” in charge. The point is to defend liberty and save the Constitution.

Nick Freitas understands that, and that’s why he’s inviting you to join him as he walks through his strategy to achieve those goals in 2022.

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