This is Why Americans Won’t Comply With Fauci’s Mask Mandates

Democrats wants America locked down and masked up forever.

But a growing number of Americans are refusing to comply with his dictates.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas dives into why Americans are saying “no!”

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If Anthony Fauci had his way, masks and social distancing would become permanent features of American society.

Restaurants and bars would be shut down. People would stay home in their bedrooms with their masks on, hoping not to catch any infectious diseases.

To epidemiologists like Fauci, or Left-wing Democrats, that kind of world would make sense. The rate of infectious disease would surely go down. Fewer people would catch viruses.

But life would be awful.

One of Nick Freitas’s colleagues, who is a Democrat, asked him what the big deal was with masks mandates.

In this episode, Nick dives into why Americans view mask mandates in such a negative light and are increasingly refusing to comply with them.

Democrats are free to wear masks forever, thinking that it gives them some level of false security against infectious diseases.

But most Americans are not going to go along with that program. And if the medical establishment hasn’t heard that message yet, they’ll hear it loud and clear after listening to Nick’s podcast.

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