This is the Biggest Reason Why Afghanistan Collapsed

Afghanistan was a foreign policy debacle for the United States.

Our government owes it to everyone who served to learn the lessons from what happened.

As a former Green Beret himself, Nick Freitas explores why nation-building was such a bad idea.

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Joe Biden hopelessly botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He should have known that the Afghan Security Forces were a pushover and would quickly surrender to the Taliban.

Instead, he assumed that they would hold off the Taliban, and so he didn’t make any urgent moves to evacuate Americans from Kabul.

However, Afghanistan wasn’t just a disaster because of the withdrawal. It was a disaster from the moment the U.S. decided to try its hand at nation-building.

President Trump understands that. On Sean Hannity this week, Trump said “It was a horrible decision going into the Middle East. And I know the Bush family will not be happy, but I believe it was the worst decision in the history of our country when we decided to go into the Middle East.”

Many politicians are refusing to learn the lessons from this mistake. They think America should have stayed in the Middle East forever.

Will America learn the lessons of its failed nation-building operation? Or will it repeat its past mistakes?

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