MTA Ep 48 Promo: This Is How the Mainstream Media Shills for the Democratic Party

The mainstream media has become nothing but a giant mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.

And now, reporters and journalists are even openly admitting what many Americans already know.

In this week’s episode of Making the Argument, the true extent of the media’s left-wing bias is exposed.

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Journalism is a thing of the past.

After decades of subtly and quietly shifting the narrative to back Democrats and paint Republicans as corrupt, racist, incompetent, or just downright evil, the mainstream media has largely abandoned all pretenses of even bothering to pretend they’re not biased.

Now, major news outlets are letting the mask slip and openly admitting that they routinely root for one side, despite years of fervent denials that they’ve ever done so.

And no clearer example of this can be found than with NBC’s Lester Holt.

Holt recently told the American people that “fairness is overrated” and that it’s the media’s job to protect them from “misinformation.”

In reality, what Holt is trying to do is justify even more extreme examples of left-wing media bias, such as the kind that recently saw his rival network, CBS, embroiled in a massive scandal after they were caught deceptively editing footage of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis explaining the state’s vaccine rollout when a CBS reporter alleged that he was engaged in a pay-to-play scheme with Publix, the state’s largest grocery store.

But orchestrated hit jobs against Republicans like DeSantis is nothing new when it comes to some of the largest news outlets in the country, and despite the fact that the attacks leveled against him were blatantly false, it’s unlikely that Holt would criticize them as an example of the “misinformation” he was referring to.

Instead, Holt’s interpretation of “misinformation” is simply anything that illustrates the hypocrisy of the Left or vindicates the policies or viewpoints of the Right.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, former Army Green Beret and Congressional candidate Nick Freitas exposes the Left’s war on truth, and how the mainstream media works around the clock to prop up the Democratic Party at every turn.

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