This Ex-CIA Spook Made a Shocking Threat Against Conservatives

The CIA is one of the most secretive organizations on the planet.

But one of their former bosses let something slip.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas discusses the shocking comments made by the former CIA Director.

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Michael Hayden was Director of the CIA under George W. Bush. Before that, he ran the NSA. He has been a spy for a very long time.

Under his command after 9/11, these agencies vacuumed up enormous amounts of data from innocent Americans, in total violation of the Constitution.

And now, under Joe Biden, they are targeting conservatives directly.

Gen. Hayden made some comments that demonstrate why the Biden administration is doing this. He compared conservatives to ISIS, and actually said that conservatives are worse.

If the Biden administration believes conservatives are worse than ISIS, that clearly shows why they are going to such lengths to hunt them down.

And they are using some of the most powerful agencies on the planet to do so – the CIA, NSA, and FBI. These agencies are extraordinarily powerful and operate completely outside of any democratic constraints.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas dives into Gen. Hayden’s comments and how dangerous they truly are.

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