This Army Vet Shredded Gun Control – And Leftists Are Outraged

The Democrats always say they’re not trying to grab guns – they just want “common sense reform.”

But now their true colors are coming out.

And this Army veteran just destroyed their latest gun grab proposal.

Now that the Democrats are in power, they are pushing sweeping new gun control proposals, such as national gun registration lists that the government could use to target gun owners.

Of course, the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantees that every citizen has an individual right to keep and bear arms. And the Fourth Amendment guarantees privacy from government collecting our information.

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But Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer aren’t concerned about that. They want more control over the American people, and that includes invading their privacy and finding out exactly how many and what kind of firearms they own.

Nick Freitas knows a thing or two about guns – he served overseas as a Green Beret. He knows that guns should be in the hands of law-abiding citizens, and that their right to own those firearms without being subject to the snooping eyes of government is essential.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick makes the argument for freedom and individual rights, and against the Democrat gun grab proposals.

Nancy Pelosi won’t want to listen to this, but freedom-loving Americans should.

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