This Army Vet Revealed One Shocking Truth About Ukraine That You Won’t Believe

The Ukraine war is costing the U.S. billions of dollars.

It turns bloodier and bloodier by the day.

And one Army vet revealed something about the Ukraine war that you’ll never believe.

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Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022, it has had an enormous toll of Ukrainian civilians and military, Russian troops, and U.S. money.

The Russian economy has virtually collapsed as foreign investment has fled the country. Meanwhile the U.S. has dumped enormous sums of cash into supporting Ukraine in this war.

It has led to massive supply chain issues globally, especially when it comes to food. It has hurt European countries who previously depended on Russia for their gas supply.

In other words, the effects of this invasion have been extremely far reaching. It has affected people around the globe in various ways and scrambled international politics.

Why are both sides so committed to defeating the other? Is it worth it for Russia to keep fighting? And is it worth it for the U.S. to keep spending money?

That’s the question that former Green Beret and Virginia state delegate Nick Freitas dives into in this episode of Making the Argument. And the answer might surprise you.

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