These Democrat Leaders are Threatening Violence Against Patriotic Americans

Democrat politicians will do almost anything to maintain their grip on power.

That includes committing acts of violence against their political opponents.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas exposes the violent actions of powerful politicians.

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The very thing that defines government is its monopoly on the use of violence. Ordinary citizens can’t commit violent acts against each other, but the government can.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that politicians would resort to violence to get their way in the arena of politics.

Nick Freitas has seen real violence before. He was a Green Beret who served multiple tours of duty overseas.

That’s why he’s so stunned to see American politicians behaving the way politicians in 3rd world countries behave.

In this episode, Freitas explores what motivates politicians who threaten violence, or even commit acts of violence, against their political enemies.

He also explores what the solutions are to that problem, and how to reduce violence in our political system.

As long as there is a government, there will always be a certain amount of violence in politics. It is an inherent fact that the government monopolizes the use of violence.

But Americans should always be looking for ways to reduce, not to increase, the amount of violence in politics.

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