The Secret Weakness of the Democratic Party Was Just Exposed

The Democrats control nearly all of the institutions of power in society.

But their grip on power is becoming more and more tenuous.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas interviews an election expert who shows that the Democrats are in big trouble.

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Christian Heiens is an award-winning election forecaster with a long track record of getting predictions right, especially in Virginia.

He called Glenn Youngkin’s victory, even as Democrats nationwide thought they were coasting to victory.

Now, he’s showing that the Virginia results could foretell much bigger problems for the Democratic Party across the whole nation.

Partisan politics flips back and forth depending on who is in the White House, and this cycle will not be any different.

Joe Biden is the President, his approval ratings are bad, which means Republicans have the wind at their back, just like the Democrats did when Trump was in office.

Of course, none of this will matter unless Republicans elect solid liberty-minded conservatives who will actually defend the Constitution once elected. The establishment will surely try to stop that from happening.

But for now, as Nick Freitas demonstrates in this episode, the Republican Party is gaining ground and the Democratic Party is losing ground.

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