The Left’s Attacks on American Culture Just Got Even Worse

Radical Leftists are getting even more brazen.

They see an opportunity to crush conservative culture forever.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas reveals how Leftists attacks on pro-Life and pro-gun Americans have gotten worse.’

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The two hottest issues in the American culture war are the Life issue and the Second Amendment issue.

On both issues, the right and the left are completely divided. But the difference is that the Left is willing to use demagoguery and violence to get their way.

This is particularly true on the abortion issue. The Left has been launching violent arson attacks on crisis pregnancy centers across America.

The fact that they choose crisis pregnancy centers is incredibly revealing. Crisis pregnancy centers aren’t banning abortions – legislators are doing that. They are simply helping women who choose not to have them.

Furthermore, the Left is demagoguing law-abiding gun owners and trying to pass radical legislation to disarm them.

The solution to all this is for the right to stand strong, refuse to back down on these crucial issues, and prove the Left’s tactics to be ineffective.

If the right stoops to the Left’s level and adopts these awful tactics, the whole country will spiral into disaster.

The right needs to stand strong, be unafraid, and persist.

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