MTA Ep 49 Promo: 5 Terms the Left Uses to Shut Down Debate

Does racism mean anything anymore?

Or is it just an insult for the Left to hurl at their political enemies?

Nick Freitas is tired of good people being smeared as racists, and he’s calling out the Left’s hypocrisy in the latest episode of Making the Argument.

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Throughout America’s history, people have heroically fought against true instances of racism, such as slavery and Jim Crow.

But in recent years, Left-wing activists have perverted the legacy of those great fights for justice and used them as a weapon to smear their political opponents.

It’s not right, and it needs to stop.

Nick also dives into the differences between “equality” and “equity,” or more specifically, “equality of opportunity” versus “equality of outcome.”

For years, America has thrived on equality of opportunity. Everyone has had a chance to move up in society, and while the obstacles may be greater for some than others, there are countless examples of people from humble beginnings doing big things.

But the Left is increasingly embracing the socialist concept of “equality of outcome” – the idea that if collective groups of people don’t end up in the exact same place, the system is corrupt and must be torn down.

Nick is tired of the Left using these terms to smear their opponents and shut down debate, and he attacks them head-on in Ep. 49 of Making the Argument.

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