The Left Celebrates As Businesses Die

Under Joe Biden, businesses across America are closing their doors.

But rather than work to keep America open, the Left is actively working to destroy small businesses at a record pace.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick exposes why the Left celebrates whenever a new “We are Closed” sign appears.

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For the last year and a half, businesses across the country have been shutting down in the wake of draconian shutdown orders and COVID restrictions imposed by Democratic Mayors and Governors.

Yet as the pandemic finally comes to an end and the United States prepares to reopen after over 15 months of rolling lockdowns, businesses across the country are still struggling to not only re-open, but hire new workers.

Spurred on by generous welfare benefits that have effectively paid people to stay at home rather than return to work, businesses are now finding out that they can’t compete against State and Federal governments in offering benefits to work, vs benefits that require no work whatsoever.

Slowly buy surely, a wave of “Now Hiring” and “We are Closed” signs are appearing in storefronts across the country.

But rather than work to make it easier to get businesses and people back to work, the Left is instead openly cheering as countless jobs remain unfilled and businesses shutter their doors for good.

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