The Government Destroyed American Trade With This Big Mistake

The federal government is always finding new ways to screw up the American economy.

First, they wiped out small businesses through COVID lockdowns and restrictions.

And now, Nick Freitas explains how the government’s trade policies are hurting ordinary Americans in a big way.

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Conservatives know that government intervention into the economy always backfires and makes things worse.

That’s true in international trade as well, and by asking people to pay higher taxes for goods and services, it drives up prices on all kinds of different items that people need.

This, of course, makes life a lot harder for regular people.

When the government raises prices on people, it’s easy to see who benefits and who suffers. The government benefits, since they get to fund their reckless spending habits.

And regular American citizens suffer, because their lives instantly become more expensive and unaffordable.

This is what politicians and bureaucrats don’t understand – they think they can centrally plan everyone’s lives and the American economy. But they can’t, and every time they try, they fail.

The solution to this is for the government to leave Americans alone and get out of the way. And that’s what Nick Freitas explains in this new episode of Making the Argument.

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