The Democrats Just Made a Shocking Decision About Masks

Face masks are like a religious garment to the Left.

They believe that by wearing them, they can ward off COVID, even if the science says otherwise.

On this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas exposes a shocking move the Democrats just made on masks.

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If you go to a liberal part of the country, it is almost impossible to find people not wearing masks, even outside.

It is socially unacceptable in those areas to leave your house unmasked, and almost unthinkable to enter into a public building, such as a grocery store, without wearing one.

In fact, when Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin recently walked into a grocery store in Alexandria, VA, without a mask, he was immediately screamed at by deranged customers.

Masks have become like a religion to the Left. They make them feel safe and secure, like a blanket that a child who is afraid of the dark wears at night.

Now, some Democrat governors have begun to remove mask mandates in their states, which is great news for the people living in those states.

But many of their constituents are freaking out. They believe that if people stop wearing masks, they will all die.

Nick Freitas covers all of this in his latest episode of Making the Argument.

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