Texas Strikes a Blow to the Pro-Abortion Left

Texas’s new pro-life law has sparked a firestorm over abortion.

Uber, Planned Parenthood, and the Satanic Temple are each attacking conservatives for supporting the bill.

But now, one conservative lawmaker is pushing back against the Left’s lies about abortion.

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Democrats are losing their minds over Texas’ new pro-Life bill.

The legislation, which prohibits abortion after a certain period of time, is being described as a universal attack on women by Democrat operatives and their allies in the abortion lobby, with some outrageous caricatures going so far as to describe Texas conservatives as an American equivalent of the Taliban.

But some conservatives refuse to push back against the lies coming from the Left.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Virginia state lawmaker Nick Freitas exposes how the Left dominates the debate on abortion, how conservatives fail to defeat their narrative, and how they can finally defeat the Left on this issue.

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