Should Men Be More Feminine? This Army Vet Says “No!”

Men are being taught to be more like women.

And the Left is cheering on this trend.

But Nick Freitas is an Army veteran and a masculine man — and he’s pushing back hard.

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The Left likes to complain that men are too “toxic” and too “dangerous.” But good and moral men should strive to be dangerous, because dangerous men hold society together. Good dangerous men protect women and children. Good dangerous men stop bad dangerous men from committing harmful acts.

Masculinity and femininity both have their roles. Both can be toxic if they are misused, but both can be incredibly beneficial to society if harnessed appropriately.

That is what the Left fails to understand. They view femininity as exclusively good, and masculinity as exclusively bad.

Nick Freitas has fought in foreign conflicts overseas as a Green Beret. He’s seen the good and bad sides of masculinity. He knows how important it is to teach morality to men so that they can take their place in the world in a positive way. And he knows how damaging it would be to try to strip men of their masculine traits at a young age.

As the psychologist and philosopher Jordan Peterson said, “A good man is a very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control.”

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