One Republican Leader Just Showed How to Fight Back Against Woke Indoctrination

Public schools are training children to be progressive activists.

And with the school year starting back up, many parents don’t know how to fight back.

But Virginia Del. Nick Freitas showed how to resist woke indoctrination in his latest episode of Making the Argument.

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In many states, school is back in session already, and soon enough the entire country will be back at school.

For many children, that’s a great experience. But some people are unfortunate enough to live in a school district that is more committed to political activism than to actual learning.

For those families, they need a strategy to fight back. And they need to know how to protect their children from the worst of wokeness.

While most teachers are focused on educating and helping the next generation, the few who are trying to push a political agenda can do an enormous amount of harm.

Nick Freitas is a Virginia State Delegate and a former Green Beret, but he is also a father. He wants his children to grow up loving America and believing in freedom.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick walks parents through how to handle woke indoctrination at school and make sure their children are protected.

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