One of the Biggest Moments in American History is Upon Us

History is about to change forever.

Countless lives may soon be saved and politics will be turned on its head.

In this episode of Making The Argument, Nick Freitas shows how we are all living through one of the biggest moments in history.

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Roe v. Wade has been in effect since 1973. This Supreme Court decision prohibited states from banning abortion before the point of viability, defined as 24 weeks into the pregnancy.

Many legal experts argue that this was one of the worst decisions in Supreme Court history.

After all, the Supreme Court is supposed to decide cases based on what the Constitution says.

And in the entire 4,543 word document, the Constitution does not mention the word “abortion” even once.

That’s why the current Supreme Court may be on the verge of reversing Roe v. Wade. The Constitution says nothing about abortion, so it should be up to the states to decide.

Many red states will outlaw abortion if this decision is overturned, while blue states will likely keep abortion legal.

The issue will not be settled forever, but nonetheless it will be a momentous occasion in American politics, and one that will change the landscape for years to come.

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