MTA Ep 34 Promo: Is the Welfare State Helping People or Trapping Them?

Millennials are turning into socialists quicker than ever before.

But some patriotic Americans are pushing back.

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And now this Army veteran is taking on their bad ideas, and making the argument for capitalism and freedom.

Progressives have pushed American society farther in the direction of being a welfare state. Success is punished and failure is rewarded. And the problem of poverty lingers year after year with no end in sight.

Politicians take advantage of people’s suffering, offering them crumbs in the form of government money, in exchange for more votes and greater political power. What’s the solution to this obviously broken system?

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas offers up a better solution – fixing the incentive system. Rewarding good choices. Teaching people to be productive members of society. Helping people reach the bar instead of lowering the bar for everyone.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and many supporters of the welfare state think they’re doing the right thing, but they don’t understand human nature. People living in poverty don’t just need a quick fix in the form of a government check – they need an actual path to escape poverty.

The American welfare system has made poverty worse

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