Left-Wing Radicals Just Took Over Canada’s Government

Canada is in crisis.

With the Liberals using emergency powers to crush political dissent, America’s northern neighbor has just been taken over by Left-wing radicals.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas exposes Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical actions.

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The right to protest the government is one of the fundamental rights of a Western democracy. People are allowed to say things that the government does not like.

But Justin Trudeau doesn’t believe in Western democracy. In fact, when he was first running for Prime Minister, he praised China for their “basic dictatorship” because it supposedly helps them fight global warming.

For a long time, he was able to hide those ugly views behind his soft mannerisms and his pretty-boy persona.

But now that the truckers have embarrassed him and his regime, he has decided to follow the example of his heroes in the Chinese Communist Party, and crack down.

And even worse, after Trudeau cleared all the truckers out of Ottawa, he didn’t relinquish his “emergency powers” – he extended them.

Now, Trudeau rules Canada by fiat. He has full power to target any of his political enemies, freeze their assets, ruin their lives, and even imprison them.

Canada used to be a democracy, but now it is something else entirely, and it is not good.

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