Joe Biden Was Just Caught in One Massive Act of Hypocrisy

Democrats spent 2020 waging a war to defund police forces across America.

But the polling just came in, and Democrats are scrambling.

Now, the party just got caught red-handed in one massive act of hypocrisy.

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After Democrats spent the entirety of 2020 and the first half of 2021 railing about the need to “defund the police” and how the US military was filled with White Supremacists and “Far-Right Radicals”, the party is now making an abrupt about-face.

With a major election in Virginia coming up this year, which political pundits have identified as the first major test for Joe Biden, Democrats are now trying to praise the very groups they’ve spent the last 12 months working to denigrate.

The abrupt change was likely triggered by polling which consistently shows that “defund the police” is among the most unpopular policies in America today, while the US military remains one of the only government institutions that still retains the public’s trust.

Rather than working to target police officers who commit crimes, the Democratic Party has taken an approach of more or less attacking all law enforcement officers, while fears that the US military has been overrun by “right wing radicals” is prevalent in left-wing news outlets across America.

But now, the party is working to try and erase its own past statements about the police and military.

But conservatives have the receipts, and in this special episode of Making the Argument, former Green Beret and Virginia state Delegate Nick Freitas exposes how the Democrats are working to re-write the past 12 months of history.

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