Joe Biden Wants The US Army To Go “Woke”

The Left’s latest culture war crusade just took a shocking turn.
They’re now setting their sights on the US Army.
And in this latest outrageous Army ad, the Left’s new “woke agenda” is making the US the laughing stock of the world.
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When Democrats took power at the start of the year, Democrats began making preparations to impose their radical agenda on the rest of the country, whether ordinary Americans wanted it or not.
And one of their top targets was the US military, which supports conservative candidates overwhelmingly in virtually all US elections.
Not content to see the US Army as the world’s strongest fighting force, Left-wing ideologues are now working to remake the army in a new “woke image”, with one latest recruitment ad going so far as to feature a lesbian wedding and gay pride parade, rather than highlight the army as the world’s premier fighting force.
But now, veterans are pushing back.
In this episode of Making the Argument, former Army Green Beret Nick Freitas talks with another veteran about the Left’s new push to make the US Army a “woke fighting force.”

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