Joe Biden Just Assaulted the Constitution Like Never Before

Biden’s relentless assault on the US Constitution continues at a record pace.

Now, he’s on the verge of plunging America into the largest crisis in decades.

And it’s all because of one vaccine mandate that will affect up to 100 million Americans.

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Joe Biden spent months claiming that he wasn’t going to try and force the COVID vaccine on Americans, going so far as to claim that such powers were beyond his scope and were clearly unconstitutional.

Now, he’s throwing caution to the wind in a bid to enforce his will on the entire country, by mandating that any business with 100 employees of more require their staff to take the vaccine or be fired, regardless of the wishes of either the employee or the employer.

In a move that marks one of the most egregious constitutional attacks on individual choice and free markets in decades, Biden is setting a dangerous precedent like never before.

But does he really have the power to do this?

In this episode of Making the Argument, Virginia lawmaker Nick Freitas takes Biden to task on his recent vaccine mandate, dismantling the argument Democrats will use to claim that Biden has the powers to force this on nearly 1/3 of the American people.

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