It Took Less Than a Year for Joe Biden to Wreck America

After taking over in January, Joe Biden has led the United States into one disaster after another.

Now, less than a year later, he’s helped to trigger one of the worst crises in American history.

And in this special episode of Making the Argument, former Green Beret Nick Freitas covers what the last 7 months of Biden has done to the United States.

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It didn’t take long for Joe Biden to wreck the America that he inherited.

After plunging America into one of the worst humanitarian and foreign policy disasters in the country’s history, Biden has overseen one of the largest disasters at home and abroad of any President in modern history.

But while Biden’s administration left thousands of Americans stranded after handing over billions of dollars in taxpayer funded weapons to the Taliban, his White House has been busy begging the mainstream media for support from the near-universal criticism he’s received this past month.

Unfortunately, he’s got it, with the LA Times and other outlets writing glowing pieces propping up Biden’s miserable record in office, or slamming the American people themselves for being the ones responsible for the disaster in Afghanistan, rather than the man who triggered it.

Of course, Biden has also made things worse at home as well.

After dragging his feet since the beginning of the year on reopening America’s schools, the pro-lockdown lobby within the Democratic Party is now reeling from new reports showing that America’s students are worse off today than perhaps any generation in decades, with test scores across the country collapsing after nearly two years of teacher union-imposed shutdowns.

In this episode of Making the Argument, former Green Beret and current Virginia state lawmaker Nick Freitas uncovers how Biden’s administration has failed the United States at home and abroad during 2021.

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