In a Free Society, What Does It Mean to “Back the Blue”?

How do we reconcile “Back the Blue” with a belief in freedom and small government?

The answer is: with good policing that respects individual rights and the rule of Law.

In a speech to the University of Virginia, Nick Freitas talks about the balance between respecting law enforcement while also keeping individual freedoms intact.

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The Left is full of radicals who want to either partially defund or totally abolish the police.

They see videos such as the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting, and they’d rather allow stabbings and murders to happen than let police do their job.

However, America is a free country, and not a police state. This means it’s critically important that police respect the individual rights of citizens and abide by the same laws as everyone else.

Nick Freitas takes on this critical balancing act and explains how we should think of the phrase “Back the Blue” in a country that values freedom and respects the Constitution.

Police in a free society should exist to protect the people, not to protect the government. They must be properly trained, and any officer who violates the Constitutional rights of an individual should be held accountable.

Above all else, the rule of Law must prevail.

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