Here are the Answers to the Biggest Questions in Politics

Politics in our day and age has turned to chaos.

It can be difficult to get accurate information when there are so many lies circulating.

But Nick Freitas is on an ambitious journey to find the true answers, and he covers the most pressing issues in this episode of Making the Argument.

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What is the Left really trying to accomplish with Critical Race Theory? It can be hard to find out what’s really going on when those pushing it are so desperate to avoid accountability.

Is the January 6th commission going to be used as an excuse to target conservatives with the heavy hand of government?

These are some of the questions Nick covers, plus a variety of other issues.

The mainstream media, Big Tech, and the academia establishment in America try to establish themselves as the sole arbiters of truth.

Nick Freitas isn’t a part of any of those groups. He’s a Green Beret who served America and put himself in harm’s way, and he’s on a mission to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes in American politics.

In an era with so much controversy and chaos, it’s critically important to have honest people searching for truth, and that’s what Nick Freitas seeks to do in this podcast.

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