Former Green Beret Takes On The Racism of the Left

Does the Left actually oppose racism?

Or do they enthusiastically support it when it can be directed at their political enemies?

Nick Freitas has been watching the Left operate for years, and he knows the true answer.

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Politics are full of double standards, and no one should be surprised to see them on either side of the aisle.

But what is shocking is how nasty some Democrats can be towards black Republicans, or female Republicans.

It’s wrong to treat people badly based on the color of their skin, but that’s what the Left does constantly. And no one bears the brunt of it more than minority Republicans, or conservative women.

That’s the type of behavior that Nick Freitas is taking on in this episode of Making the Argument. No one has a right to insult someone because of their skin color.

But we’ve seen that done constantly in American politics in recent years, and most of it has come from the Left — in spite of their performative “anti-racism” which is really nothing more than virtue-signaling.

Democrats are afraid of free-thinking people, and that is especially true when those people are part of a group that the Left thinks they own.

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