Democrats Excuse Terrorism and Cheerlead Violence in Gaza

The growing anti-Semitism within the Democratic Party has reached a new low.

Now, a new war is opening up between Israel and Palestine.

And the Left’s pro-Hamas leanings are showing themselves once again.

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The Gaza Strip has been the epicenter of destruction and violence for many years now.

And since 2007, Hamas, the militant group that runs the Gaza Strip, has launched many rockets at Israel, to which Israel has retaliated. The destruction has escalated year after year, and the humanitarian situation in Gaza has deteriorated rapidly.

A peaceful solution needs to be found to the crisis. But Democrats, of course, have shown little to no interest in that.

They’ve come out 100% behind Hamas, and have become their biggest cheerleaders.

Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising, since the Democrats are also the party who delayed the withdrawal from Afghanistan, escalated the war in Syria, and have launched the war in Libya.

It’s clear that Democrats have no problem turning a blind eye to Hamas’ war crimes in Israel. And with Israel and Gaza destroying each other, they’ve abandoned any attempt at peace and decided to cheerlead for a terrorist group whose stated aim is the annihilation of Jewish people in the Middle East.

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