Biden’s Presidency Tanked After This Shocking News

America has suffered under Biden for one year.

But now, news is coming to light that could tank his rule.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas goes over the worst of the worst of Biden’s first year.

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Joe Biden wasn’t elected President because he is competent, or a good leader, or exceptionally smart, or well-accomplished.

He is neither a talented politician nor a charismatic leader.

Joe Biden was elected President because he is not Donald Trump. He was the generic alternative to a polarizing president.

The problem is, now that he has beaten Trump, Joe Biden has to actually govern. And so far, that isn’t going particularly well.

More and more Americans feel like the country is on the wrong path. Whether it is a struggling economy or oppressive COVID restrictions, Americans are getting sick of the Biden agenda.

Nick Freitas spends his time as a Virginia State Delegate fighting the Biden agenda at the state level.

And on this episode of Making the Argument, he exposes Biden for the weak and incompetent “leader” that he really is.

America might be stuck with Joe Biden for the next 3 years, but if America is going to survive this presidency, Biden’s agenda will have to be rejected.

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