Biden Runs From Responsibility While Americans Remain Stranded in Afghanistan

Joe Biden has almost single-handedly destroyed America’s credibility on the world stage.

And thanks to his awful choices, thousands of U.S. citizens are now trapped in Kabul.

Now, Americans are asking what needs to be done in order to fix Biden’s disaster.

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In less than two weeks, Joe Biden lost all credibility on the world stage.

Despite promising that there would be “no Saigon moment” and that the Taliban was incapable of overrunning the entire country of Afghanistan, the world watched in horror as US military helicopters worked to airlift US embassy personnel out of Kabul, while the Taliban overran the entire country in a matter of weeks.

Now, the world is watching in horror as Biden’s disastrous foreign policy decisions play out in Afghanistan, as one of the largest humanitarian crises in American history leaves thousands of US citizens trapped in the Afghan capital.

But while the situation could hardly get any worse, Biden is busy running from the press in a bid to avoid responsibility, all while his state department works to try and milk American citizens for $2,000 in order to rescue them from a disaster of Biden’s own making.

Now, with the situation in Afghanistan ending in a complete disaster, Americans are wondering what went wrong, what can be done to fix Biden’s mess, and what could happen if we fail?

In this special episode of Making the Argument, former Army Green Beret and Iraq War veteran Nick Freitas breaks down the scale of Biden’s worst disaster, and what needs to be done to salvage the situation in Afghanistan by rescuing American citizens.

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