Bernie Sanders Couldn’t Be More Wrong About the “Socialist Utopia” of Cuba

For years, Democrats praised Cuba.

But the socialist utopia has come crashing down.

And now, Bernie Sanders and the Squad are under fire for ignoring the protests against Cuba’s communist dictatorship.

For decades, Cuba was hailed by the radical left as a model for the United States.

As recently as Fidel Castro’s passing, many Democrats including Bernie Sanders and members of the Squad, praised the country’s communist dictatorship for allegedly eradicating poverty, reducing income inequality, and improving the country’s education system.

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The mantra of the far-Left in America had been for many years “if we were just more like Cuba, things would be better.”

But now, reality is destroying that false narrative more than ever before.

Far from being a paradise. Cuba has become hell on earth, as pro-democracy protestors are assaulted and attack by armed thugs under the orders of Cuba’s communist dictatorship, which has brutally clung to power for over 60 years.

And where are the same Democrats who spent years praising Cuba as a model for America?

They’ve gone silent in the wake of the protests, or masked them by saying that the Cuban people are protesting for COVID vaccines, rather than freedom from a totalitarian dictatorship.

In this special episode of Making the Argument, former Army Green Beret and Congressional candidate Nick Freitas exposes the hypocrisy of the Left, who praises Cuba’s socialist regime while conveniently ignoring the communist government’s crimes against humanity.

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