America’s Freedom is Suffocating After This Government Takeover of Healthcare

Every day, it seems Americans lose another one of their freedoms.

But this has been happening for years.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas exposes how the government takeover of healthcare made America less free and less prosperous.

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Leftists always like to say, “Healthcare is a human right!” They praise countries in Europe, and places like South Africa that guarantee government health care to all of their citizens.

They seem to ignore, however, that healthcare is not in the Bill of Rights.

And they miss the fact that people don’t have rights to the services of other people.

The rights in the Constitution are “negative rights.” People have the right not to be interfered with, whether by government or by other people.

People have a right not to have their guns taken away. People have a right not to be imprisoned for free speech. Babies have a right not to be killed in the womb.

But no one has a right to the labor and the services of other people. And that’s what the Left gets wrong.

The socialist wing of the Democratic Party will not be happy to hear this podcast, but Nick Freitas doesn’t care – he’s here to tell the truth, even if the media and the Left don’t like it.

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