America Just Got One Piece of Good News About the Economy

Not everything in America is bad news.

The economy is struggling right now, but there’s a big opportunity to turn it around.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows why the U.S. could be on the verge of an economic boom.

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All the news we have been hearing about the economy recently has been bad. And there’s plenty of reason for that, as Joe Biden’s policies have led to historic inflation and the “everything bubble” may be about to pop.

But people should not take this news to mean that we are all doomed. The United States, and human civilization in general, have been through plenty of crises in the past and made it through.

In fact, despite all of the economic problems we are facing right now, we are still better off than the rest of the world.

And that’s why the United States, for all of its many flaws, actually has an opportunity for an economic boom. It would not happen right away, and the government could still screw it up, but it’s a real possibility.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows how the world is not ending, and we still have opportunities to build better lives for ourselves and our children.

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