MTA Ep 44 Promo: 4 Reasons Why Fascism is Left-Wing

Conservatives are used to being called Nazis and fascists.

But what if the real fascists are on the Left?

Nick Freitas has studied history, and he thinks the Antifa narrative about fascism is dead wrong.

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Conservatism and classical liberalism in America are about adherence to the Constitution and the American traditions of freedom and liberty. Fascism is about joining the people and the state at the hip under the guise of patriotism. It’s an authoritarian ideology.

It doesn’t take a political theorist to see how those are different. If the people and the state are viewed as one inseparable unit, there is no liberty. There can only be authoritarianism under a system like that.

But that goes against the narrative pushed by Antifa, academia, and the establishment media in the U.S.

These groups would have people believe that anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton is a diehard fascist, no different than Hitler, Mussolini, or Franco.

In fact, Antifa believes so strongly in this narrative that they have sworn to tear down the entire United States government under the belief that it’s a fascist regime. And CNN happily plays defense for them while they do so.

But Nick Freitas has no time for that nonsense. And in this episode of Making the Argument, he provides 4 solid reasons why fascism is left-wing.

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