Why are Democrats Letting Child Rapists Out of Jail?

In states across the country under the control of Democrats, crime is spiraling out of control.

Part of this reason is a wave of new laws that are making it easier for violent offenders to get out of jail.

And now, Democrats in one blue state are about to let even child rapists out of prison.

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In Democrat-dominated states across the country, a wave of new laws have been passed over the last few years that is making it easier for violent offenders to get out of prison.

The Left has argued that these laws are designed to combat the growing prison population in America, which has the largest number of incarcerated citizens of any nation in the world.

But far from working to solve injustices in society, several of these new laws have serious unintended consequences, as violent offenders who should never be let out of prison are now getting a chance to walk free.

In Virginia, the Democrat-dominated legislature passed a series of laws over the last two years that have led to murderers and rapists getting out of jail, especially during the COVID pandemic.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas dives into the implications of laws and regulations governing Parole and why Democrat-dominated government aren’t doing enough to ensure that victims receive justice.


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