This Move By Ron DeSantis Sent the Left Into a Tailspin

The Left got caught trying to groom kids with inappropriate content.

But Ron DeSantis put an immediate stop to it and saved children all over Florida.

In this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows how DeSantis stopped the Left’s disgusting agenda.

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There is absolutely no reason to teach kids under the age of 8 about sexual identity or anything like that.

Kindergarten through 3rd grade is about learning words, sentences, reading, writing, and basic life skills.

But the Left has taken control of the education system, and they want to teach kids wild sexual content about transgenderism and sexual identity.

In many states, that is exactly what is happening, whether parents know about it or not.

But in the state of Florida, that won’t be happening anymore, thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis, who put a stop to that disgusting practice.

The Left claims that the bill DeSantis signed bans people from “saying the word gay.” But that is a blatant lie.

Anyone can say the word “gay.” The bill has nothing to do with that. It prevents schools from teaching young children about sex.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas exposes the lies that the Left is telling about Ron DeSantis.

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