This is the Most Insulting and Inappropriate Thing the Left Has Ever Done

The Left despises you more than you can possibly know.

And recently, some loose-lipped Leftists let the truth slip out.

Now, in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas hits back at some of the most insulting things the Left said about him.

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“Racism” and “racist” are words with very specific meanings. America has come a long way from the days when racism was actually enshrined in law, during slavery and the Jim Crow era.

But the Left refuses to let go of the idea that everyone is secretly a racist.

They buy into absurd concepts like “unconscious bias,” the idea that people can be racist without even knowing it.

They push ideas like “structural racism,” the idea that any discrepancy between different races is because of racism, even if no discrimination actually happened.

The Left is trying to create racism out of thin air.

There are multiple reasons why they do this. One is for political gain. By smearing their opponents, they think they can achieve more political power.

Another is because a whole generation of Left-wing activists wants to believe that they are part of a “civil rights movement” even though the Jim Crow era is over.

Whatever their motivations may be, it is wrong and dishonest what the Left is doing. And Nick Freitas calls them out for it in this episode of Making the Argument.

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